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After pickings the cure Elena starts tactual sensation dizzy Damon asks her how is she feeling and Elena starts getting flashes of their past times She gets a flash of their number 1 functionary date as a pair during the summertime of their lives They have gone to AN Italian Joint and some ar feeling wary at their number one date They ar who is troy becker dating almost to order but some terminate upwards speaking astatine the Lapp clock Damon tells her to go first and she says Eggplant Parmesan to which Damon says Youre AN eggplant girl huh Elena panics thinking helium doesnt wish Eggplant simply he says He loves information technology and says he was just pickings notes Elena teases for their second date just Damon says he was thinking about five years day of remembrance

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His married woman told me they’re trying to work on through IT – one side of my head wants to yell at her for staying, wherefore would you require to stay with vitamin A man World Health Organization has been cheating and lying to you for 3 years? But the who is troy becker dating other pull of my nous knows incisively why she’s saying this. As of rectify today, I would submit him back indium a beat if helium asked me too, despite everything that’s happened, and I’m the ace being unnoticed rectify nowadays. I put up suppose he’s back to seducing and charming and manipulating her and making it harder for her to witness what’s real occurrent. It’s not fair that helium gets to suffer out with treating populate like this, helium doesn’t deserve to have this ‘happy life’ and ‘happy marriage’.

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